Last updated: October 20, 2021

What is Records Management?

Here, we delve into the topic of records management and explore some of the key benefits of developing a strategy to preserve important documents electronically.
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Records management involves creating a level of efficient and systematic control over the creation, use, and disposition of records, and includes setting policies for maintaining different types of records. Electronic records management provides this functionality and is the current standard for preserving important records and documents. With a digital platform housing their records management system, local governments can create an electronic records management strategy that can aid in their growth and development.

Why is Records Management Important?

A records management system is essential to any government as it enables them to comply with federal records management law. Government records must be filed and maintained correctly, and a document records management system, such as GovOS Records, enables government agencies to reduce the costs associated with compliance and easily manage the lifestyle of their documents to preserve record integrity.

4 Benefits of Taking on an Electronic Records Management Strategy

Developing an electronic records management strategy that governs how information is created, shared, tracked, and protected is an essential step in ensuring the lifecycle of your organization’s documents and records. As such, there are four main benefits of a records management program:

1. Customizable Workflows

Set up customized workflows to meet the growing needs of your organization and use automation to enable adherence to best practices. The GovOS records management system enables you to streamline the access and management of all records so everything is precisely where it needs to be.

2. Records Archival

Past records can be protected by digitizing them for long-term storage. GovOS can help a recording office develop an electronic records management strategy to preserve, protect, and recover records when required.


3. Increased Security

Electronic records management helps to increase compliance with regulatory mandates. With digital records, the likelihood of misplaced files or data breaches decreases, and robust security features prevent hacking or ransomware events.

4. Greater Efficiency for Staff

The GovOS records management system improves internal processes as well as organizational efficiency to provide better overall management and organization of records. This means that government employees can gain access faster when submitting requests for vital information.

Automate Your Records Management System

Implementing a document records management system can help your government organization achieve a higher level of efficiency and will bring you into the modern world of technology and advanced communications. On top of ensuring more swift compliance with record keeping legislation, GovOS’ electronic records management platform helps you develop the strategies required to organize records for easy reference by both in-house employees and external citizens.

GovOS can help you keep your records neat and organized through automated actions designed to improve efficiency for government agencies. Our records software will ensure all records are digitized from intake to output so you’ll never lose another file again. Contact us today to learn more about our document records management system and take your agency to the next level of record keeping.

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