The Top 8 GovOS Studio Features that Gilbert, AZ Loves

Gilbert, AZ continues to find new and innovative ways to improve services for citizens. Watch this video to learn the 8 features Gilbert loves about GovOS Application Studio.

Here at the town of Gilbert, we have about 250,000 residents, and that includes 90,000 customers on our utility billing system, which keeps us pretty busy. And we also service the permitting and business licensing, and the Town of Gilbert just continues to grow so those permits continue to roll in. We’re always issuing business licenses.

My staff really enjoy that they can use the GovOS platform and be able to just go in and see any forms that a customer has submitted and be able to work them. Before we had to assign things and hand out things to our staff and now just throughout the day as they have time, they can go out there and process anything that’s in the queue. So the staff really enjoy being able to do that and they’ve actually been more proactive in going out there and taking care of the forms.

And our customers really like it because everything is online, and they’re able to know right away, did we receive it and has it been processed, because they get an automated email. After we realized just how easy it was to create the forms, we came up with a lot of other ideas. One was a customer service survey that we have online that customers can go and fill out, and a customer request form if somebody has a request of our department.

Then we kind of expanded it to our business licenses. And all of our business licenses are now online so that a customer can just fill it out, and it automatically gets submitted to us. And most recently, we went to our utility billing forms for activations and disconnects.

The number one feature that I like is the conditional formatting, where if a customer says yes or no, then based on that answer, they have the next question that they need to answer. And sometimes you get those applications where it says, okay, if you answer this, you know, skip to question ten. All that that is handled in the workflow within the applications, and that’s just awesome.

Also, recently, we were able to initiate in a couple of our applications automated workflow, email notifications. We do tags where it says, what is this particular application about? So we know does it have to be processed today or can it wait a couple of days? Being able to route things to different departments and notify them of a certain situation has been really great. We’ve really enjoyed that.

Not too long ago, we updated our logo and we had a new color scheme and new fonts for everything. And we were supposed to update all the forms. I was the first department to get it all done because I didn’t have to go into each form and do an update. I just went on to the G0vOS platform and under the settings, was able to implement the new logo. There was a new color scheme on all of them. The new font was updated. It was all done in a day, and all these other departments have to wait and do all their paper forms individually.

And now everything is updated and it’s already out there and new for the customers. So that was just amazing. For anyone who might be considering moving a lot of their forms online, I would definitely suggest that they take a look at the service that GovOS has and all of the features for the forms. I’m always on the lookout now when I’m on other cities’ websites or talking to somebody and they mention a form or I see a really ugly form out there. I’ll suggest that they take a look at GovOS.

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