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Digitizing Occupational Tax Collection

With Occupational Tax, even the most straightforward paper filings can get delayed by miscalculations, illegible handwriting, late fees, overpayments, extensions, or approvals. These delays can strain relationships with citizens and businesses alike, but GovOS can help.

The GovOS Occupational Tax Solution can streamline processes, improve accuracy, and make life easier for citizens and government employees. Here’s how it works and how it’s helping Kentucky jurisdictions go digital.

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Make Occupational Tax Filing Simple

Occupational tax is complex. GovOS understands the nuances specific to Kentucky tax remittance and can recommend best practices for bringing the processes online.​

Your tax payers want to do everything online. It just makes life easier for everyone. We’ve built a cloud-based solution that automates the points at which manual data entry used to take place in the remittance process. The result is a fast, flexible, and secure system that allows citizens and business to pay taxes, or file for extensions, from anywhere at any time.