Chapter 6

Providing Short-Term Rental Resources to Your Community

Address community preservation concerns and ensure hosts have what they need to operate safely and respectfully.
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What is a Short-Term

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Using Software to Manage Short-Term Rental Compliance

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Short-Term Rental Identification
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Setting Up a Short-Term Rental Registration System

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Collecting Taxes from Short-Term Rentals
Chapter 6

Providing Short-Term Rental Resources to Your Community

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Short-Term Rental Policies & Practices Across the U.S.

The short-term rental (STR) market is showing no signs of slowing down, especially as tourism picks back up in the post-COVID era. As more individuals explore the benefits of owning an STR, local municipalities must consider how best to support short-term rental owners and the rest of their community.

One way to accomplish this is by investing in an STR solution that empowers communities to address concerns, uphold health and safety standards, and foster respectful and harmonious relationships between hosts and residents. This simple step proves not just to STR owners but community residents alike that local governments care about preserving the community and creating a better environment for everyone.

Here are three types of resources your municipality can provide to STR owners to make thoughtful strides


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1. Provide a Channel for Community Members to Voice Concerns

Create a safe and positive environment for STR owners, renters, and community members by providing a communication channel that allows residents to easily voice their concerns.

Some STR solution providers, like GovOS, offer a 24/7 bilingual complaint hotline component in their STR solution. This resource makes the utility accessible to the whole community and empowers residents to voice their concerns quickly and efficiently. By promptly addressing issues by directing them to the appropriate person, local governments can maintain a positive working environment for both STR hosts and the broader community.

The availability of a hotline not only demonstrates the government’s commitment to community welfare but also enhances community engagement and satisfaction. When residents feel heard and their concerns are addressed, it fosters a sense of trust and mutual respect between the municipality and its citizens.


2. Access to Specialized Partners and Services

Another resource that will make your community stand out to STR owners is the ability to connect owners with specialized partners and services. These types of partnerships provide hosts with access to a wealth of specialized resources that enhance their operations and exceed community expectations.

For example, Breezeway, a renowned industry expert, offers standardized health and safety best practices for STRs. By providing guidance on cleaning protocols, property inspections, and maintenance standards, Breezeway ensures that STRs meet the highest cleanliness and safety standards. This not only enhances guest experiences but also mitigates risks associated with improper maintenance.


3. Integration of Educational Resources for an STR Ecosystem

The STR market is constantly evolving and consumer needs are changing along with it. STR owners often look for resources that focus on community-building and education for the STR community. Rent Responsibly is another invaluable partner that vendors like GovOS work with that specializes in these educational tools for STR owners.

By addressing topics such as noise control, waste management, and neighborly behavior, Rent Responsibly equips hosts with the knowledge and tools needed to operate respectfully within their communities. This educational platform encourages responsible STR practices and fosters positive relationships between hosts, residents, and local municipalities.

By integrating these specialized resources into a comprehensive software platform, local governments empower STR hosts to operate with consideration for the community. Hosts can access standardized health and safety best practices, educational materials, and expert guidance, ensuring their properties contribute positively to the local ecosystem.

Furthermore, an STR management solution streamlines communication and coordination between hosts, residents, and local municipalities. Having a centralized platform allows for efficient reporting and resolution of any issues that may arise, ensuring a swift response and minimizing potential disruptions.

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Building a Thriving STR Community Starts with One Step

As the number of STRs continues to rise, local municipalities must navigate the art of maximizing the economic benefits of this sharing economy with the need to keep their community integrity intact. Successful STR programs prioritize community preservation by providing valuable resources to STR owners that enable hosts to operate responsibly and remain in compliance with health and safety standards, fostering positive relationships with residents and local governments.

By embracing proven STR solutions that provide resources to the community, local municipalities can attract high-quality STR owners, keep the character of their communities alive, and ultimately create a thriving environment for all stakeholders involved. Contact us today to learn how GovOS can help your agency provide effective STR resources to your community.