Last Updated: May 24, 2022

Salida, CO Launches Short-Term Rental Business Licensing Platform Powered by GovOS

The new platform gives the city more ways to work together with short-term rental property owners to ensure responsible renting with online access to licensing and tax filing services.
Posted by Karl Pawlewicz

Austin, TX, May 24, 2022—The City of Salida City Clerk’s office has successfully launched registration and tax collection features as part of its online Short-Term Rental (STR) platform. The STR Platform, powered by GovOS, gives Salida and STR property owners within the jurisdiction more ways to work together to ensure responsible renting. The addition of these new features means STR property owners can now go online to pay their STR taxes quarterly and apply for, or renew, their license to operate.

To date, Salida’s STR system has collected more than $65,000 in tax revenue and has generated significant cost savings from managing paperwork. The new system now allows business owners to pay using a credit card via a secure payment gateway. The system also allows business owners that need to apply for or renew a license to attach all required documentation, such as proof of residency and proof of ownership. Finally, the new system can automatically remind business owners of the upcoming renewal window each June.

“The City of Salida is working very hard to ensure that property owners who choose to rent their residences do so in a way that accounts for the best intentions of the entire community,” said Erin Kelley, City Clerk, Salida, CO. “By adding licensing and tax filing options alongside our existing identification and compliance system, we can work in conjunction with STR owners to create an efficient environment for everyone. We know short-term rentals will continue to grow in popularity, so we’re investing more in our systems to ensure all citizens of Salida can benefit from the revenue they generate.”

Salida’s STR platform is powered by GovOS, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for local governments. The GovOS STR Solution is designed to help local governments facing increased numbers of STRs by making it easier to identify and engage with STR owners. The licensing and tax filing functionality eliminates paperwork in that process, and automates notifications, ensuring communication between government and citizen is prompt and useful. Backed by industry experts and enhanced support, the GovOS STR Solution is now in use by more than 100 jurisdictions across the United States.

“We’re encouraged by the quick return on investment Salida has seen, as well as the positive response from the community and employees,” said Kevin Lafeber, President, GovOS. “The expanded functionality of the GovOS STR platform in Salida should help strengthen the bond between business owner and government. We continue to support all local governments as they work to accommodate and legislate STRs in their jurisdictions.”

For Salida employees like Deputy City Clerk, Sara Law, the ability to issue licenses and accept payments online has significantly reduced her workload. “In our previous system, I was spending approximately 25 hours of my week on STRs. Since implementing GovOS STR, that time has been reduced to approximately 5 hours per week, which has allowed me to load balance with other departments, like our courts, and help our entire organization function effectively.”

To access the Salida STR portal, citizens and business owners can go here: cityofsalida.com/clerk/page/short-term-rentals

For more information on the GovOS STR Solution, visit: govos.com/products/short-term-rental/

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