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Local government tax filing software

We don’t just provide government agencies with tax software; we offer a path to unmatched efficiency and service excellence.

Our solution is designed to empower government agencies to simplify the often-complex world of tax compliance.

With GovOS, you can effortlessly manage tax remittances and ensure businesses stay compliant without the hassle of complicated paperwork. By automating tax procedures, your agency will save time and resources, allowing you to focus on delivering quality services to your community.

Our comprehensive system of record features intuitive forms with auto-calculations, and streamlined filing processes for a seamless, error-free user experience.

Leverage our extensive experience serving state and local governments nationwide to increase revenue and taxpayer compliance.


Tax Filing

Built by tax professionals, the GovOS Tax Filing solution is a nimble business processing center with intuitive forms and auto-calculations that allow a business user to submit everything but their utilities directly to their local government.


Single Filing Portal

With the GovOS Single Filing Portal, jurisdictions with a locally administered tax can maintain their local authority and timely cash flow of taxes while providing a single filing experience for businesses to remit through.


Lodging Tax Portal

The GovOS Lodging Tax Portal enables agencies to identify, register, and tax short-term rental operators who have listings in the state. Bulk tax filing for all state jurisdictions is streamlined, ensuring timely, direct deposits of tax payments to registered jurisdictions.

Success Story

How Okaloosa County, FL Streamlined Reporting: From Half a Day to Less Than 10 Minutes

Key Features

Simplify Complex Processes and Pave the Way to Effortless Tax Management

  • agsdix-c11055-form-fill-applicationConvenient tax submission through smart, user-friendly forms
  • agsdix-c11055-calculator-checklistAutomatic handling of additional fees for delinquency
  • agsdix-c11055-analytics-charts-application-dashboardComprehensive reporting and tracking to ensure transparency
  • agsdix-c11055-credit-cards-money-financeIntegrated payment processing for effortless financial transactions
  • agsdix-c11055-alert-bell-notificationAutomated calculations and tax form notifications for precision and efficiency
  • agsdix-c11055-workflow-processHighly configurable workflows tailored to address specific local government challenges
  • agsdix-c11055-network-security-lockSecure data collection and storage, safeguarding sensitive taxpayer information
Government tax solutions for singular jurisdiction
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