Last updated: July 14, 2022

GovOS Announces New Partnership with Utah Association of Counties

Partnership will bolster organization efforts to provide access to resources that support engagement between Utah citizens and their local government.
Posted by Marcy Swisher
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Austin, TX – July 14, 2022 – GovOS, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for local governments, today announced a new partnership with the Utah Association of Counties (UAC). The UAC is a statewide nonprofit membership organization comprised of all 29 counties in Utah. The organization provides a range of services to help its members improve government operations and enrich the quality of services that Utah counties provide to citizens.

“The Utah Association of Counties is dedicated to providing its members with answers to the most challenging questions being asked of local governments today,” said Bryan Rodgers, Corporate Relations Program Director, Utah Association of Counties. “Short-term rentals sit at the confluence of affordable housing, taxation, and community preservation, and therefore require nuanced solutions that can adapt and accommodate this emerging market. GovOS is at the forefront of STR thought leadership and brings a valuable point-of-view on best practices moving forward.”

Through this partnership, UAC members have access to exclusive pricing for the GovOS Short-Term Rental (STR) solution which includes identification, registration, lodging tax collection and a 24/7 dedicated STR hotline for residents. In partnering with GovOS, the UAC is adding new services to its growing list of member programs that encourage engagement between citizens and their local government. The UAC has been providing Utah counties with access to resources since 1924.

GovOS has extensive experience working with jurisdictions, providing a comprehensive solution that increases engagement between STR owners and their local government agencies. The GovOS STR solution has been implemented in communities across the United States and throughout the state of Utah. These jurisdictions use the GovOS STR solution to support the long-term goal of identifying and monitoring short-term rental operators to ensure they remain in compliance with local regulations.

“Through this partnership, we can support the UAC’s longtime mission of improving the effectiveness of government agencies in Utah,” said Anna Vaughn, Senior Vice President of Partnerships for GovOS. “At the same time, we can continue providing local governments with the most effective and innovative software solutions available. By empowering local Utah governments with dynamic technology for STR identification, compliance, business registration and lodging tax collection, we can work together with the UAC to educate, serve and have a positive impact in Utah communities.”

GovOS is actively engaged in strategic partnerships that benefit government agencies and their citizens. By building relationships with industry leaders in the STR ecosystem, the company can offer access to additional resources that work in tandem with its STR solution, and are designed exclusively to support city and county efforts to promote healthy communities.

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The Utah Association of Counties (UAC) is a voluntary, statewide organization whose members are the 29 counties of Utah. The counties, through their elected officials, direct UAC activities in providing services to county officials. UAC was formed in 1924 to help counties provide effective county government to the people of Utah. The private, nonprofit organization offers a broad range of management, training, and intergovernmental relations services to counties, including commissioners and other elected officials (affiliates).

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