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Business Licensing & Tax

Enable Businesses In Your Jurisdiction

New businesses mean more options for your citizens and an expanded tax base for you to leverage in better services. Getting businesses licensed quickly and easily with our Business Licensing & Tax solution starts the process without hassle. Simple administration of tax remittance and business license renewals keeps businesses compliant and running without headaches of paperwork and red tape.

A Streamlined Experience

Discover how easy it is to go paperless and automate processes with GovOS Business Licensing & Tax Filing.

A Fully-Integrated Suite of Business License and Tax Compliance Solutions for Local Governments

GovOS draws on years of experience serving both public and private organizations to help them navigate the complexity of issuing and renewing business licenses, as well as the technical challenges of tax compliance and filing. Our products are used in almost every state to help local governments rise to the challenge of new business types, while making it easy for every size business to register and stay compliant.

Short-Term Rental Solution

Take control of the short-term rental market and ensure every rental is compliant with your unique regulations.


Business Licensing

Automate your paper processes to enhance revenue collection and increase ease of use for businesses.


Tax Filing

Built by tax professionals, GovOS Tax Filing solution is a nimble business processing center with intuitive forms and auto-calculations that let a business submit everything but their utilities directly to their local government.


Lodging Tax Portal (LTP) Solution

GovOS LTP bridges the gap between local governments and online travel agencies like Expedia, Airbnb, Vrbo and more OTAs (Online Travel Agents) that are driving the short-term rental economy. LTP enables bulk filing of tax to all jurisdictions in a state so that all registered jurisdictions receive timely, direct deposit of tax payments. 


Automating Complex Processes

The GovOS Business Licensing solutions allow municipalities to streamline the entire business licensing process from registration to renewal. Businesses are able to easily register, renew and pay for their licenses online and municipalities can set customized and automated workflows for processing these licenses.

In conjunction with the Business Licensing platform, local governments can enable Tax Filing to allow business to submit their taxes online via a smart form that calculates amounts owed based on their input. If businesses are delinquent, our system automatically accounts for additional fees. Internally, municipalities can report on all businesses owing taxes and easily track collections.

Key Features:

  • Automated tax calculations
  • Reporting and Tracking
  • Online Business Registrations
  • Automated Business License Renewals
  • Highly customizable workflows for different types of Business Licenses
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Automated business communications/notifications
  • Data collection and storage
  • Reporting and Tracking

Unlock the true power of GovOS Business Licensing & Tax by using it alongside our Digital Transformation Platform

The GovOS government software platform offers a suite of cloud-based solutions that enable local governments to automate and streamline operations, provide seamless access to resources and information, and deliver cutting-edge digital services to businesses, residents and agencies.

Official Public Records

Our Records applications will help digitize your processes and provide staff with quick and easy access to the information they need, when they need it, from anywhere.

Online Civic Services

Connect with your constituents. GovOS Online Civic Service applications provide a platform for interfacing with the public and businesses to provide services.

Information Access

These cloud-based applications provide some of the most powerful search and retrieval functionality in government software.

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