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GovOS Specializes in Digitization

GovOS can turn labor intensive HR paperwork into easy online processes. We can help you streamline your workflows from days to minutes.

HR Applications using GovOS Application Studio

Making HR Easier for Humans

Human Resources departments in local government are using GovOS Applications to move from heavy, paper-based processes to online solutions. GovOS is working with HR directors in local governments across the country to digitize forms for everything from simple internal processes to complex, multi-step signature packets.

More than just time savings, digitization improves tracking and transparency and transforms an HR department into a hub of productivity.

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How it Works

We’ve simplified the process for launching a new process in your department. Long story short: we do all the heavy lifting for you.

HR Applications - How it works

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Access our application guide on how GovOS can transform how your department operates.

Why This Works for You and Your Team

Intuitive Internal Forms

Everyday forms like time off requests, open enrollment and performance evaluations can be brought online, and built with eSignature capability.

Easier Employment Applications

HR teams can use GovOS to bring applications online and automate processes like scheduling and acceptance/rejection notifications.

Streamlined Onboarding

This notoriously heavy task can be digitized so new employees can complete packets online, with the ability to save progress and autofill known fields.

Best-in-class Data Security

GovOS forms meet the standards of SOC2 and are HIPPA compliant. They adhere to the same security standards required of federal grade software.

Reduce the Back and Forth

With digital forms in our government HR software, applicants and employees can receive automatic updates on the status of form submissions.

No Information Technology Needed

Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to get started. Our team of implementation specialists can build and launch your forms and workflows.

Bring Paper-Based Processes Online

GovOS HR Applications make it easy to eliminate paperwork for the core functionality of your office.

Unlock the true power of GovOS HR Applications by using them alongside our other solutions

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This GovOS system can help your citizens and staff complete an application for a marriage license entirely online, with scheduling, video, eSignature and recording functionality all built-in.

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