Virtual Event

Effective Short-Term Rental Management in New England Communities

Tuesday, June 6 – 2:00 PM (Eastern)

The recent explosion in the short-term rental (STR) industry has sparked conversations between local governments and industry leaders about how to utilize technology to create an STR ecosystem in local communities.

This June, we’ll be hosting a live virtual event with the Planning & Zoning Administrator of Rutland, Vermont as well as industry leaders from Breezeway and the Vermont STR Alliance. We’ll explore ways to meet the needs of all stakeholders, the importance of community education, and strategies to address the economic impacts that STRs have on New England tourism.

What you’ll learn:

Best practices for developing balanced STR policies
An understanding of how technology drives higher compliance and revenue
Ideas to better engage with stakeholders for maximum success
A roadmap to creating a successful STR management program
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Meet the Speakers

Justin Ford

Director of STR Safety & Certification Programs, Breezeway

Justin is an International STR Safety Expert and the Director of Safety and Certification Programs at Breezeway, where he helps property managers and owners maintain the safety of STR properties. Breezeway’s property care and operations software platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work, such as safety inspections of residential homes. Justin was the first to elevate awareness of safety in STRs back in 2013. He has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America as a commentator on addressing safety in the home.

Julie Marks

Executive Director,  Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance

Julie is the Founder and Director of the Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance (VTSTRA), a nonprofit business association for the vacation rental community of Vermont, which has grown to represent 200 members in just 2 years. Julie holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Health and is a Certified Master Gardener through the University of Vermont Extension Program. She has been offering vacation rentals in Vermont since 2018, including two short-term rentals on her personal homestead in Jericho. 

Andrew Strniste

Planning & Zoning Administrator, City of Rutland, VT

Andrew has been the Planning and Zoning Administrator for the city of Rutland for the past two years. Previously, Andrew worked in the town of Underhill, VT as the Planning and Zoning Administrator, and at the CT Department of Transportation. He also has experience working in Fargo, ND as a planning consultant. Andrew graduated from Westville State University with a degree in geography and regional planning. Andrew enjoys the wilderness of Vermont and taking hikes in the woods in his free time.

Brian Daley

Enterprise Account Executive, GovOS

Brian has been an Account Executive for over 20 years, much of that time in the Public Sector. With that experience, Brian has become a trusted advisor for government organizations looking to modernize their business systems, create pathways to the cloud, and achieve their strategic vision.

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